Triadd Software has an experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable team ready to serve you for installation, maintenance, training, and support of Gain RM. Our philosophy is that outstanding software should be accompanied by outstanding service.

Enrollment in the Gain RM support program will:

  • Assure a quick, easy, and optimized installation and configuration
  • Assist in establishing the automated records management practices that are right for your organization
  • Reduce the learning curve for both technical and records management staff
  • Augment your organization's internal IT, support, and training system
  • Provide your organization with access to customized quality control, consulting, and data diagnostics
  • Ensure access to relevant Gain RM upgrades and hotfixes
  • Allow you to get quick and clear answers to all your questions about Gain RM through phone, or email.

Triadd Software Support strives to provide Gain RM to customers on time, within budget constraints, at the desired performance level, and with the desired features. Typically your account will be assigned to one or two support representatives who will be familiar with your organization's Gain RM configuration and specific records management practices. These representatives will guide you through the planning, scheduling, and management phases of any projects involving Gain RM.