At Triadd Software Corporation, we believe in helping our customers find the solution to every need, from servers to software. We assist our clients from the ground up in asset management, from setting up servers to maintain data, to configuring scanners with the latest version of our software. Triadd Software Corporation strives to help our clients gain efficiency by equipping them with top-notch tools that suit their needs.

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GainRM is Triadd's flagship product. An industry-leading records management application, GainRM assists users in tracking the circulation, inventory, retention, and disposal of their physical records in order to remain in compliance with company policy and applicable laws. It was designed and created by records managers to streamline asset and retention management, and since its inception has gone through continuous changes to meet our users' needs.

GainRM utilizes the user-fueled creation of custom record centers and locators to keep tabs on the physical location of any stored boxes, folders, or documents. These can be edited and applied to suit your needs, and can be retained through the record circulation process, or adjusted to account for new locations on return.

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The record circulation system in GainRM allows users to check records in and out, all while maintaining your desired locator status. It also facilitates record reservations and holds, and provides you with information on any past record circulation.

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GainRM handles record retention and disposal through its retention policies, authorization policies, and disposition memos. Prior to creation of your records, retention policies are established in order to dictate how long a record should be maintained in a given location based on your company policies and applicable laws.
Once a record is ready for disposal, it goes through an authorization process, in which all records to be disposed of are added to a pick list. Your established records managers and other personnel authorize the disposal of that list, and it is processed through steps until final destruction.

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GainRM has an incredibly customizable inventory system. Not only are records able to be created and sorted by their record number, parent organization, container record, and other fields that are standard in the application; users are able to create their own custom fields, media types, and record sizes. GainRM was built with modularity and expansion in mind, so whatever your record storage needs, we can meet them.

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As a corporation that understands the true meaning of value, we offer several ways for our clients to make the most out of their Gain experience.

One of the ways is to ‘Bundle’. Get the best discount and fastest implementation by purchasing a package which is pre-configured and ready to go. Included is a pre-configured scanner, printer, and a licensed Gain production environment. This bundle includes installation support.

We also offer other package offerings including a virtual machine (VHD \ VHDX) with a standard or customized environment to suit your business. We’ll save you time by pre-installing a designated Operating System, SQL Server instance, and Gain.

Finally, Triadd Software Corporation is in the works of developing a new on-premises solution for customers who want to have the highest security and end-to-end control of their Gain platform.

We call it ‘Gain-in-a-box’ – a scalable, hassle-free solution which meets the needs of your entire records management business, anywhere you need it. We’ll take care of everything meaning customers receive a solution which is ready to run, with all the essential hardware or services and on-site support and training required. You can be up and running in less than a day – we guarantee it.

Approved GainRM Peripherals and Software

Save time out of your day by increasing the productivity of your personnel. With scanners and printers that GainRM has specifically been tested against, you’re given the ability to check out records on the fly and have a full overview of your staff on the scene.

If traditional scanning feels cumbersome, new versions of gain beginning with 4.2.0 will also offer the GainRM mobile application!

With the release of GainRM version 4.2.0, we will offer a supplementary GainRM application that functions with Android-compatible devices, supporting any device running Android OS version 8 or higher. Utilization of this app on your smartphone, tablet, or other Android device renders expensive scanners an optional supplement to your records management needs, rather than a mandatory appliance.

The Zebra MC3300 scanner transitions their traditional scanner support into the mobile development world with support for the Android operating system. Fully compatible with our new mobile application, the MC3300 scanners are shipped to you preloaded with the GainRM application configured to your specifications.

When combined with our application, the MC3300 scanner provides state of the art electronic records management functionality with QR and Barcode scanning, OCR capabilities, and the ability to add and modify documents all from within the app.

GainRM Locator Page
GainRM Locator Page
GainRM Locator Page
GainRM Locator Page