We have an exceptional team ready to serve you through Project Management, Training, and Support. We believe that outstanding software is only half of the equation when purchasing a Records Management Solution. The other half is post-sale service.

Through our Partners in Management methodology, TRIADD Software has developed an implementation strategy aimed at resolving the stress and uncertainty of implementing the Gain RM records management system. This methodology consists of practices, methods, techniques and a set of tools to bind them all together.


Using our support services will provide you with many benefits. Some of those are:

  • Reduce the learning curve associated with implementing the Gain RM solution
  • Assist in establishing automation priorities
  • Provide a level of comfort while implementing the system
  • Augment your internal IT support system
  • Minimize the impact of system changes
  • Reduce implementation time
  • Reduce the cost of system implementation
  • Augment internal training programs


TRIADD Software has a team of experienced professionals who support TRIADD products throughout the world. We believe the implementation and support offered by the vendor is just as important as the software itself. As our clients will readily attest that, TRIADD provides outstanding software support. Support is a vital component of a successful implementation of your records management software system.

There is a common saying that ‘Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail’. The only way you will get through a system implementation is to properly plan for it, then execute your plan. This process provides the basis for monitoring progress. It facilitates reporting to management, and allows you to know where you are at any moment.