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Updated RoadMap

Posted: 6/11/2020

Updated RoadMap

Triadd Software Corporation are committed to providing excellent products and exemplary support to all our customers and are excited to release an updated roadmap for the 2020/2021 calendar year.

The upcoming semester planning addresses four major themes that we are committed to improve upon over the next year:

  • GainRM Compatibility with Third-Party hardware
  • Security Enhancements
  • General Product Upgrades/Updates
  • Cloud Support

Roadmap for the 2020/2021 Calendar Year

Roadmap for 2020/2021 Calendar Year

GainRM 4.2.0

GainRM 4.2.0 is expected to release in Q3 CY2020. GainRM 4.2.0 introduces GainRM Tempo, our latest addition to the GainRM family which offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support for handheld and flatbed scanners making our leading records management software more robust than ever.

For customers unfamiliar with GainRM’s Electronic Records Management (ERM) capabilities, our flagship application enables customers to directly scan/upload documents and view them directly in the browser. Users will be able to quickly read the information off these linked documents through electronically transcribed text.

Additionally, customers will soon be able to install and leverage the GainRM desktop scanning application which enables direct scanning of documents within GainRM with the required user-inputted metadata.

GainRM Tempo

As the newest member of our family, GainRM Tempo is Triadd’s response to a new and intuitive scanning solution enabling end-users and records managers the ability to quickly search, scan, and upload documents.

For more information, please read our previous blog post: Records Management made easy with GainRM Tempo

GainRM 4.2.1

Many administrators face the struggle of managing an increasing number of user accounts. To reduce their workload and to better protect client information/credentials, Triadd Software Corporation intends to provide administrators the option of managing user logins with Active Directory as well as the local GainRM security model – customers get the best of both.

With the choice of linking their GainRM end users with their corresponding Active Directory accounts administrators are able to better manage and audit user activity.

GainRM 4.2.1 will also bundle all previous bug fixes into the main update process to ensure that all client environments remain fully stable. More information will be released in the upcoming months.

GainRM 5.0 (Beta Release)

To date, all GainRM releases have been designed for on-premises deployment and virtual machine deployment. GainRM 5.0 (the release number may be deprecated) will soon be available as a cloud service. Customers who are interested in becoming part of our cloud pilot program should express interest by emailing prior to October 31st, 2020.

Registered and selected customers will be able to participate in the pilot release and provide feedback. GainRM’s evolution stems from our industry expertise as well as customer feedback, and we strongly believe that through transparent partnership with our customers we are driven to build better products.

Industrial Label Printer Support

In response to this year’s most requested feature, GainRM will support SSRS barcode reports that are compatible with most industrial label printers. Industrial label printers can significantly improve the logistical efficiency of warehouse workers with print-on-demand capabilities. They also benefit companies as a long-term solution as they are proven to be incredibly reliable and cost-effective.

For more information regarding industrial label printers and how we intend to support them, email our Research and Development team at

GainRM 5.0 (Public Release)

The public release date of GainRM 5.0 is expected in Q1 CY2021.

This upgrade adds many new features and capabilities to GainRM. Along with our previously announced features (see blog post: Gain: Going Forward), users will see improved program accessibility features including (but not limited to):

  • Increased font choices
  • Themes for visual support
    • Color blind mode
    • Dark mode
    • Big mode
    • Classic mode
  • Three-click application design

Additionally, GainRM 5.0 supports the following infrastructure-related items:

  • Cloud and Managed hosting (IaaS/SaaS)
  • Azure Database
  • Active Directory
  • Remote and local scanning

For more information regarding any upcoming releases, please contact Thank you.

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