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April Status Update

Posted: 4/16/2020

GainRM Status Update

Due to the fluid and responsive nature of our development with GainRM, we here at Triadd have decided that, in an effort to provide transparency to our current and potential clients, we will be updating our blog's contents to include bi-weekly status reports on our ongoing efforts with GainRM. We hope this will help to reassure you that both the functionality of our existing products and effective development of our upcoming releases are at the forefront of our minds and efforts.

GainRM 4.2.0

As mentioned in our previous blog post, our upcoming release of 4.2.0 has been delayed. We have received some very valuable feedback from a few of our clients, and as such have decided that there are a few features we'd like to implement as updates for 4.1.9s, and as part of the core package suite for 4.2.0. At present, these features include:

  • UI Improvements with the icon setup and general aesthetic.
  • Better error handling when managing inventory records.
  • Improved functionality when handling many records at once in the database.

Gain Customer Portal

One of our long-planned features that is now becoming a reality! We've had our customer portal in development for some time now, and wanted to be sure it would meet all of our clients' exacting specifications and needs. On release, our portal will feature:

  • Registered companies have the ability to sign in and view/update Company Details.
  • Clients will be able to submit support tickets through our integrated forms.
  • The ability to check up on your existing support tickets, and view any notes and updates on them.
  • Clients will be able to add, edit, and remove existing employees for their company.
  • Perhaps best of all, clients will be able to download updates & hotfixes online, along with instructions for applying them.

That's not the end of our portal's development though. In the future, we will also be integrating the ability to view our GainRM tutorials, upload support-relevant files, and even receive mobile support. We'll be posting all of our updates bi-weekly from now on, so be sure to check back often!

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