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Updated scanner hardware and capabilities

Posted: 12/2/2019

Handheld scanning now available wherever your records are

Dear valued customers,

On Janurary 14th 2020 Microsoft will no longer support Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld or the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) client software.

Gain software versions prior to GainRM v4.1.9s used the Microsoft components mentioned above for handheld scanner support. Whilst the components are expected to continue to function in the near term, customers should schedule an upgrade to the latest release as soon as possible/available.

Innovating new capabilities

In anticipation of the Windows Mobile platform deprecation Triadd Software Corporation recommends an updated Android-compatible handheld scanner (details below) for use with GainRM. We also started development of a new Android-based application in October of 2019 in order to address the upcoming changes and provide our customers with the best options to manage their records with greater flexibility.

Our new Android application addresses the end of lifecycle issue for the above Microsoft products and additionally adds a host of new features and improvements to GainRM’s scanning capability.

Streamlined Scanning and Processing

The development of an Android application means that we can enable scanning on any Android device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, and/or Android-compatible handheld scanners. Our new application significantly improves productivity, and removes the dependency of a physical connection to a desktop or server with the new ‘WiFi connect’ capability. All the information needed for provisioning and scanning records are processed by our application with no further hassle needed.

QR Codes

In addition to the wireless nature of the new system, the android application leverages QR code capabilities which enhances your experience with managing records. By introducing this feature, record manager and/or warehouse attendants are now able to store and retrieve digitized information regarding their record of interest.

Handheld Scanners - Sales and Support Update

With immediate effect the following Handheld Scanner models are no longer available for purchase for use with GainRM v4.1.9s and later versions:

  • Zebra/Motorola MC3000
  • Zebra/Motorola MC3090
  • Zebra/Motorola MC3100
  • Zebra/Motorola MC3190
  • Zebra/Motorola MC3200

To allow our customers time to adopt the new Android-based solution and handheld scanners Triadd Software Corporation will continue to offer support for the above scanners until April 2020.

The following handheld scanner series is now the preferred, recommended and supported scanner for use with GainRM:

  • Zebra/Motorola MC3300 model

Triadd Software Corporation will continue to add new scanner options as they become available and have been tested and certified for use with GainRM.

Need more information?

We are here to help. Please reach out to our support team via email at or call us on 1-800-877-9564

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