Onsite Training

Onsite involves a one to three day comprehensive training at your company. Your employees will benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge of our trainers. This experience will be of value to you as you move though the implementation stage of the program.

Online Training

For online training, we recommend a eight hour comprehensive training done by our trainers through various web conferencing software. You will be able to hear and see the trainer's screen as he/she demonstrates how to use our products in detail.

Here's how you can benefit from Gain RM Training with Triadd Software:

The success of a Gain RM implementation depends largely on how well the users are trained. The primary objective of Triadd Software's comprehensive training curriculum is to provide users with the information necessary to use Gain RM with maximum efficiency.

Get the most out of Gain RM

Learn what functions and configurations of Gain RM are relevant to your organization's records management practices.

Work with our exceptional training staff

Our trainers are experienced with Gain RM and familiar with the principles of records management. They are also patient, friendly, professional, and love to answer questions.

Reduce future training costs

We will work with administrators and high-level users develop a training process for future new users.

Ease the transition:

We will help you configure Gain RM to integrate and automate your organization's existing records management policies and practices.