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Triadd Software Corporation’s 2021 Roadmap

Posted: 3/22/2021

We at Triadd would like to thank our clients for the continuous support and flexibility that we received throughout the pandemic as we restructured our company to prioritize client and staff member safety. While we still face the many struggles that COVID-19 brought to our doorsteps, we balanced excellent customer service with continuous development and brand improvements.

To show our appreciation, we plan on bringing a better, bigger service with GainRM.

GainRM Roadmap 2021

Our planned changes for 2021 prioritizes continuous development and innovation. We strive to bring the most efficient and reliable records management software—one that provides the highest quality at an affordable price. Our development plan revolves around improving our current software, upgrades to include compatibility with more infrastructure-based options, and streamlining customer support to strengthen our commitments to our clients.

A Hop, Skip, Jump Away: Spring/Early Summer 2021

In this upcoming spring, we will release version 1.1.0 of GainRM MCC. This software focuses on managing our latest scanner product, GainRM Tempo, and retaining all the necessary functions administrators require with security, user management, and data logging in a centralized gateway.

Version 1.1.0 includes better security integration with current customer environments, UI improvements, general updates, and bug fixes.

We will also release an update to the Triadd Customer Support Portal to include updates to user management, security improvements, and general updates.

Bringing the Heat: Summer 2021

In summer 2021, GainRM 4.2.0 is on fire. GainRM 4.2.0 R2 includes the latest rollout that bundles all available patches. Clients can expect expedited service with R2’s improved and easy-to-use deployment package.

Full Speed Ahead: Fall/Winter 2021

In fall/winter 2021, clients will receive the full benefits of our customer feedback series. With previous and upcoming requests and feedbacks, Triadd plans on regularly releasing surveys and corresponding updates for GainRM. Here are some examples of planned changes:

GainRM and all extension software will receive various UI updates and improvements. This includes layout improvements to SSRS reports, theme/visual updates, and improved accessibility in our applications.

Clients utilizing GainRM MCC and Tempo will receive additional barcode support. This includes embeddable images and easy-print functions from scanner devices.

GainRM administrators will find additional support and improvements for auditing and general-purpose management. This includes improvements on historical error logging, as well as a simplified package to review changes made throughout the full GainRM system.

Triadd Customer Portal users will be able to access various tutorials and resources to better control their GainRM experience.

More information on changes related to our GainRM customer feedback series will be released in upcoming announcements.

A Blossoming Future: Spring 2022

As always, expect the best changes from Triadd. By spring 2022, applicants for our pre-release can decide between infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and software as a service (SaaS), and cloud models.

New options for GainRM Deployment

Applicants can feel peace of mind with their deployment of choice as our experienced technical professionals will maintain and care for everything.

Applicants can feel peace of mind with their deployment of choice as our experienced technical professionals will maintain and care for everything.

With the same robust software, our new options provide expedited upgrades and maintenance with minimal system downtime. Clients can reduce their IT resources and overhead costs as we provide full services including administrative and security management.

Pre-release users can take advantage of providing direct feedback to our development team. During the pre-release’s lifespan of 6 to 8 months, our service will undergo several phases of optimizations before the full release.

For more information, please contact .

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