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Reminder – Supported GainRM Versions and Scanners

Posted: 3/22/2021

We are phasing out support on GainRM v4.1.8 and 4.1.9c by the end of April 2021

*See courtesy extension language bulleted below.

Released October 2020, GainRM v4.2.0 is the latest edition of our flagship records management application. It provides users peace of mind with enhanced security, reporting services, and usability. We invite all clients to upgrade to our latest release.

As part of our strategic plan to modernize the records management industry, we’ve moved from providing standard scanning software and incorporated electronic records management (ERM) and optical character recognition (ORC) capabilities into our application.

Fully included with the latest release, GainRM Tempo extends our solution to fit in the palm of your hand. This multi-functional application that not only allows you to scan where you stand, but also manages circulation, searches, and various document-management utilities that far exceed our predecessor scanner capabilities. This pivotal solution only requires installation on MC3300 scanners and a stable wi-fi connection.

As a reminder to all clients: Triadd is operating on an N-1 model (supporting the current release and the one version before). With October’s release of GainRM v4.2.0, we are phasing out the support and reselling of products outside of our new standard operating procedures.

For clients currently with active Support and Maintenance Agreements that are unable to or in mid-process of the upgrade, Triadd is granting a courtesy extension to October 2021.

For those seeking more information on software acquisition, please contact .

See below for the current list of products:

  • GainRM
    • Currently Supported
      • GainRM v4.2.0
      • GainRM v4.1.9s
    • End of Support: April 2021
      • GainRM v4.1.9c
      • GainRM v4.1.8
  • Handheld Scanners
    • Currently Supported
      • Zebra/Motorola MC3300 model
    • End of Support: December 2019
      • Zebra/Motorola MC3000
      • Zebra/Motorola MC3090
      • Zebra/Motorola MC3100
      • Zebra/Motorola MC3190
      • Zebra/Motorola MC3200

*While we understand that some customers may still be using these older scanner models, we cannot guarantee support for the scanners due to Microsoft’s ending of their support for WMDC and Windows CE. Triadd’s support staff will continue to work with customers to advise the best possible solutions and resolutions to include migration to Gain 4.2.0 if possible.

We highly encourage our clients to upgrade to currently supported products. For more details, please contact .

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