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GainRM 4.1.9s Now Publicly Available

Posted: 8/19/2019

Triadd Software Corporation has released GainRM 4.1.9s, a robust, enterprise-level records management software designed to efficiently track records across organizations of all sizes.

Originally designed by records managers for records managers, GainRM assists companies large and small to simplify the management process while providing data consistency and immediate availability. GainRM 4.1.9s features many of the standardized modules that many users are familiar with, such as maintaining retention codes with accurate citations and a circulation module that upholds user-defined business rules. Upgrades to the product have been implemented to further improve the industry-leading records management software.

New Features


GainRM 4.1.9s fully supports the SSRS reporting module. Based upon the vision of providing our customers with the clearest insights into their business needs, the new reporting module features updated, cleaner visuals on all reports with fantastic, new exporting capabilities. The new module also allows clients to include corporate branding in their reports.

Set Up

Additional optional security configurations have been included to the GainRM environment. Clients wishing to add or update GainRM environments are now able to use Windows Authentication in their set up.


GainRM 4.1.9s removes previous OLE DB provider dependency. Additionally, GainRM randomizes sessions to ensure secure sign-on.


New visuals have been implemented to distinguish GainRM 4.1.9s from previous versions. It includes a stylish new theme with updated icons.

Pricing and Availability

Clients under a current Maintenance and Support Agreement may upgrade their environments at no additional cost. Triadd Software Corporation offers free scheduled demos of the new environment.

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