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Roadmap Update

Posted: 7/29/2019

Triadd Software Corporation recently announced the next major release for GainRM 4.1.9s. While many have expressed great enthusiasm about this much anticipated update, testing and review reveals the need for further improvements to ensure better user experience.

Due to this, a strategic decision has been made to modify Triadd Software Corporation’s current roadmap as follows:

Updated Triadd Roadmap

These changes have been made in order to properly reflect Triadd Software Corporation’s short-term plans with GainRM 4.1.9s as well as to highlight updates that will be released with the SSRS module.

Great Additions

Gain More

In addition to the previously announced features highlighted with the previous 4.1.9s, GainRM will feature more additions:

  • Windows Server 2019 compatibility
  • Activatable Multi-delete feature

Furthermore, many issues from previous versions of GainRM will be addressed during this update. These include:

  • Randomized User Sessions
  • Updates to module navigation and item browse features
  • Removal and/or changes to antiquated syntax

Smooth Sailing with SSRS

With the recent release of the highly popular SSRS reporting module, clients across the map have shared much delight and feedback. After fully evaluating this feedback, changes have been implemented to the SSRS Reporting module to reflect customer-requested features and updates:

  • Barcode reports now compatible with standardized shipping labels
  • Visual adjustments to select reports
  • Adjustments to data filtration

Many of these changes will be reflected with both GainRM 4.1.8s and GainRM 4.1.9s.

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