At Triadd Software Corporation, we believe in helping our customers find the solution to every need, from servers to software. We assist our clients from the ground up in asset management, from setting up servers to maintain data, to configuring scanners with the latest version of our software. Triadd Software Corporation strives to help our clients gain efficiency by equipping them with top-notch tools that suit their needs.


40 years ago, GainRM was designed and created by records managers to streamline asset and retention management. Leveraging industry-proven methodologies, GainRM is fully developed to contain robust features that improve productivity at every level while maintaining legal compliance. Since that time, GainRM has gone through continuous changes to keep up with our users’ needs.

With special emphasis on adding additional value over time, our team of developers designed GainRM to help Records Managers expedite their tasks with utmost efficiency. With our application, you can manage thousands upon thousands of records, and take control of them without needing to physically log each item, or manually searching for hours simply to find a single file.


Save time out of your day by increasing the productivity of your personnel. With scanners and printers that GainRM has specifically been tested against, you’re given the ability to check out records on the fly and have a full overview of your staff on the scene. Using our approved hardware will help maintain your company’s productivity standards by giving your team the correct tool for whatever job you throw at them.

Gain in a Box

Simplify your asset management needs with Gain in a Box. This fully-featured package contains everything necessary to manage GainRM in the form of a single package containing software, server, and support.