GAIN RM: A web-based solution for your records!

Gain RM, Triadd Software's enterprise records management software solution, is the best way to ensure legal compliance and efficiency in records management across your organization. It can easily be accessed across an intranet or internet network with a web browser, thereby eliminating the need software installation on individual workstations and making organization-wide deployment viable and convenient.

Gain RM's out-of-the-box feature set includes:

Physical Records Management
Manage physical records at the box, folder, and document levels. Track location and ownership information, retention parameters, disposition status, and user access security, along with a suite of customizable metadata fields, for each individual record.

Electronic Records Management
Manage electronic records alongside physical ones. Attach an electronic document to any physical record, or give an electronic document an entry of its own.

Warehouse Management
Manage onsite and offsite warehouses, calculate available space for individual locators or the entire record center, or customize media types and record sizes.

Circulation Management
Easily check records in and out, create reservations for records, receive requests for records, put records on hold and view a comprehensive circulation history report at any time. Execute multiple circulation tasks at one time using the picklist system.

Retention Management
Create a dynamic retention schedule and file plan. Pre-define disposal methods, authorization codes, record statuses, and retention types. Easily create legal citations.

Organization Management
Create a hierarchy of companies, departments, groups, and sections in order to better establish a framework for records ownership.

Disposition Management
Control each record during its entire lifecycle, including before, during, and after disposition. Automate disposition memos, put records on disposition hold, and execute multiple disposition tasks at once using the picklist system.

User Management
Control user access and permissions at every level. Customize menus and screens to address the needs of various types of users.

Barcode and Scanning Interface
For both Gain RM native and non-native barcode formats. The optional models are tightly integrated with circulation and disposition.

Dozens of useful default reports, and an easy to use interface for adding custom reports.

Quick Search, Query by Form Search, Full Text Search, and Thesaurus Management
Use any of Gain RM's powerful searching features to quickly find the information you need.

On-call support for installation, configuration, maintenance, and user activities. On-site or online training. Data import and export. Please see the Services section for more details.