GainRM v4.2.0 Now Publicly Available

Posted: 10/1/2020

Exciting New Changes:

Triadd Software Corporation proudly announces the highly anticipated update to our flagship software: GainRM. As a general overview and recap of previously announced changes, version 4.2.0 includes all-new compatibility with Third-Party hardware and security enhancements.

Your Workspace: Extended.

To meet our clients evolving needs, Triadd provides intuitive scanning solutions with ERM and OCR capabilities. GainRM 4.2.0 allows end-users to utilize third-party devices with the newest members of our family: GainRM Tempo and GainRM Desktop.

For users that need to perform work beyond their desks, GainRM Tempo is the solution that fits right into your pocket. Users simply need to load this application onto their Android devices (v8.0 or higher) and they are free to connect where it’s needed when it’s needed.

Additionally, with many companies choosing to Go Green, Triadd provides flatbed scanner support through GainRM Desktop. This application provides the ability to further secure documents straight to the server with simple scan-and-store functionality. End-users can save time by sending their records directly to GainRM, whether by scanning documents or uploading pre-existing pdfs and/or images.

Along with these additions, GainRM Tempo and Desktop come with built-in optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. Users that upload documents through the applications will be able to quickly view and verify what they are sending along with the metadata that meets their business rules.

Security for Modern Needs

GainRM includes further security enhancements. Once upgraded, forgotten passwords can be retrieved via your registered email address. You can also improve your organization's operational security with two-factor authentication, requiring both a password and an email-provided code for users to login.

Triadd provides clients peace of mind by granting administrators a means to safely distribute and maintain our extension applications.

Looking Forward To It

In keeping with our commitment to pioneer the records management industry, GainRM will receive full cloud support through a separate update. More information will be publicly released with further development.

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