Records Management made easy with GainRM Tempo

Posted: 5/19/2020

Digital Records Management made easy with GainRM Tempo - The new portable companion for GainRM

Triadd Software Corporation are proud to announce the latest addition to the GainRM family - GainRM Tempo!

GainRM Tempo is our latest handheld scanner and mobile phone application for Android mobile phones and the latest Zebra\Motorola MC3300 scanners. GainRM provides an enterprise-scale Records Management (RM) solution which boasts powerful and differentiating features which are all designed to make your RM experience easier, simpler, safer, and now - digital.

GainRM Workflow

Portable and powerful

GainRM MetaData Preview 1

GainRM Tempo extends the capabilities of GainRM and enables access to a multitude of features including barcode & QR support, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and searching, support for multiple document and image formats, check in and check-out for single or multiple items, multiple transfer of records and so much more!

GainRM Tempo is the handheld RM scanner application which is redefining the RM industry. No longer are you tied to a workstation or single location, now you can perform your records management tasks wherever you are resulting in higher productivity, improved RM storage efficiency and security, lower time to retrieval and full search capability, making GainRM the best solution for your record management needs.

GainRM MetaData Preview 1 GainRM MetaData Preview 2 GainRM MetaData Preview 3

Portable RM solutions are now key to being able to perform an agile RM function within your organization whilst maintaining full control and governance over your or your customers records. And with portability comes security - GainRM Tempo offers a new administrative experience called the GainRM Mobile Command Console (MCC) which enables your administrators, managers, and/or supervisors to register, grant access, and log circulation activity from all devices using GainRM Tempo.

Designed to be secure, and simple

Any new GainRM Tempo device must register with the GainRM environment using a secure and automated one-time registration process which is fully controlled by the GainRM administrator. The GainRM MCC ensures that only authorized devices and users can access your GainRM environment making GainRM and GainRM Tempo a robust, scalable, and secure RM solution for any size organization.

GainRM and GainRM Tempo – redefining records management

With GainRM you have full control over your RM needs including features such as multiple organizational support, easy-to-set custom menu labels, an optimized costing & recharge module and a rich and powerful reporting experience using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

We have included some of the latest features available in GainRM Tempo for parity with GainRM to ensure all customers can leverage some of the innovative features that GainRM Tempo has to offer. The new and innovative scanning capabilities in GainRM 4.2.0 allow workstation-based users to scan and digitize their records without requiring a third-party application – everything can be done within GainRM.

We have also improved the deployment experience allowing customers to take advantage of on-premises infrastructure or hosted infrastructure which can be provided by Triadd, one of our recommended partners or using your own hosted solution.

Easily extend your existing GainRM solution with additional GainRM environments, all with built-in support for GainRM Tempo ensuring a future-proof investment for your traditional and digital records management needs.

GainRM Tempo will be available to all customers starting from GainRM 4.2.0 (coming soon!)

If you would like more information or a demonstration of GainRM, GainRM Tempo or any of our software products, please send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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